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Why it Works

Without intentional investments in people and communities of color, and the organizations that work to address the removal of systemic barriers, real change will remain out of reach.

Corporate Partner Impact

Verbum Dei Jesuit's Corporate Work Study Program can open the door for corporate change. When you invest in our students, you support the development of a diverse workforce and provide career and technical training for the next generation. Hiring Verbum Dei Jesuit students is a win-win, and is a small step in the process as you implement long-term strategies to build your workforce. Participation in our program is a key to developing a diverse workforce and an investment into the future – one from which we will all benefit and receive a return.

As a result of hiring our students through Verbum Dei Jesuit's Corporate Work Study Program, our corporate partners:

  • Support the development of a diverse workforce

  • Serve as educators and mentors to empower the next generation of business leaders

  • Access a pipeline of highly qualified employees

  • Fill full-time, high-turnover entry-level jobs at a lower cost than market rates

Student Impact

In addition to offsetting the cost of their education and making a private college preparatory education affordable for their families, students acquire years of valuable professional work experience before they go to college. As a result of working in a business environment, Verbum Dei Jesuit students:

  • Acquire valuable job experience

  • Obtain marketable skills

  • Create positive relationships in professional communities

  • Develop a network of business contacts

  • Gain exposure to a wide range of career opportunities that inform their college decisions

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Verbum Dei Jesuit Student Associates are culturally and linguistically diverse. Aligned with your DEI strategy, students help strengthen your diverse workforce today while creating a ripple effect that influences your industry as these Associates carry their experience to and through college. Our Corporate Partners seek to hire Student Associates during and after college.