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Become a Corporate Partner

Become a Corporate Partner today, and invest in the development of a diverse workforce.

Business leaders nation-wide recognize and are responding to the imperative to have an actionable social purpose for their organizations. Verbum Dei Jesuit's Corporate Work Study Program offers complementary efforts towards our mutually desired outcomes.


become a corporate partner

Win-Win for Corporate Partners and Students

Corporate Partners

  • Invest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace and remove institutional barriers for qualified young workers

  • Build your talent pipeline by developing future business leaders today

  • Join an impressive portfolio of LA businesses contributing to the success of Verb Dei Jesuit graduates

Verbum Dei Jesuit Students

  • Allow our hardworking students to continue to access a quality education by offsetting the cost of tuition
  • Prepare Los Angeles' future leaders for college and future careers with an experience-based education
  • Offer deserving young men the chance to develop their potential through mentorship

Invest in People