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The Corporate Work Study Program at Verbum Dei Jesuit High School

At Verbum Dei Jesuit High School, the Jesuit charism of "caring for the whole person" has included an in-depth career preparation experience. The village that raises our young men extends from our campus on Central Avenue in South Los Angeles to the corporate offices and board rooms that move our city. As a proud alumnus of Verbum Dei and the Corporate Work Study Program, our mission is intimately connected to the values by which I lead and the aspirations I have for the present and future of our program.

The Verbum Dei Jesuit experience introduces the students to elements of success in a very hands-on way. From summer training to networking workshops - and, of course, four years of professional work experience - the Verbum Dei Jesuit graduate graduates with much more than a resume; he graduates with a strong sense of responsibility, familiarity with receiving and giving feedback, knowing the importance of following through on commitments, and a stronger knowledge of self as he begins to select universities and majors to kick off his career.

To be a Verbum Dei Jesuit partner is to be an integral part of the formula that is changing the trajectory of families and thus transforming communities from the inside. We look forward to empowering our rich legacy and look forward to expanding our mission to more corners of our community.

In Faith,

Jesse Jovel, '08
Vice President, Corporate Work Study Program


Jesse Jovel
Vice President
Corporate Work Study Program
Phone: (323) 614-7671