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Employee Adopt-a-Student Program

To learn more, contact: Darius Spates

Allen Lund Company, Inc.

Get your workplace involved!

The Employee Adopt-a-Student Program allows co-workers to:

  • Pool their support and collectively sponsor the education of one or more of the Verbum Dei Jesuit students employed at their company.
  • Participating employees will will receive student updates, handwritten notes of gratitude, and invitations to special events throughout the school year.
  • Gifts of $1,000 or more annually (or a minimum of $84 per month) qualify you as a leadership level donor and to adopt your own student, separate from the student sponsored through the Employee Adopt-a-Student Program.
  • Leadership donors enjoy special recognition and benefits, including invitations to special events and personalized updates.

The Verbum Dei Jesuit workplace giving has been a wonderful team rallying experience for our employees. It allowed everyone at Crescent Capital to support our interns in a very personal and tangible way. Many voiced a clear satisfaction of being a part of the solution in education in America and seeing real results. We're looking forward to next year.

Joe Viola
Chief Operating Officer
Crescent Capital Group