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Sponsor-a-Student Program

To learn more, contact: Stephanie Andrade

Sponsor-a-Student Program

Participating in the Sponsor-a-Student Program means being financially supportive of the funding gap each student faces between the actual cost of their education and the amount each family is able to pay in tuition.

“We are Sponsor-a-Student parents because it gives us an opportunity to have a one-on-one touch while making a real difference.”Linda and Jim Scilacci

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

  • One-on-one correspondence with student you have sponsored
  • Virtual or phone conversations with student you have sponsored
  • Invitation to end-of-year meet-and-greet Adopt-a-Student event
  • Invitation to commencement ceremony when your student graduates

Giving Levels

What our sponsor parents are saying: 

It’s a wonderful investment. Investment in the young man, it’s an investment in our community, it’s also an investment in sharing ourselves and letting that young man share himself with us.  

Rob Smith

I have been associated with the Verbum Dei Jesuit Adopt-a-Student Program since 2013. I consider it an honor to be part of these students’ lives and to help them, in some small part, to achieve their goals.

JoAnn Busuttil

What our students are saying: 

Thank you so much for your gift. For the past couple of months, I’ve been stressed with school and applications for University, but receiving this gift put a smile on my face as I know that there are people supporting me and cheering me on. 

Elton Cruz ‘15

I am very thankful for your support and knowing that there are kind people like yourselves in the world. You two will be a couple that I will surely never forget. I am proud of my accomplishments and know that one day I will be in your shoes helping another struggling young man to endure hardships. Thank you for your support.

Michael Pineda ‘17