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Sponsorship Programs

At Verbum Dei Jesuit, it costs approximately $23,000 to educate each student per year, yet families pay an average of only $1,200 in tuition. The Corporate Work Study Program generates $8,500 per student per year, leaving a gap of up to $13,000 per student.

Adopt-a-Student Program

Participating in the Adopt-a-Student Program means being financially supportive of the funding gap each student faces between the actual cost of their education and the amount each family is able to pay in tuition. By participating, you will get to know “your” student(s), as they will send you acknowledgement letters, photographs, class assignments, etc. and we hope that you will also correspond with notes of encouragement. Part of our mission is to teach our gentlemen to appreciate the support of our benefactors — we feel it will help them to remember to give back to important causes when they achieve success.

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“We are Adopt-a-Student parents because it gives us an opportunity to have a one-on-one touch while making a real difference.”Linda and Jim Scilacci

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

  • One-on-one correspondence with the student you have sponsored
  • Virtual or phone conversations with the student you have sponsored
  • Invitation to the end-of-year meet-and-greet Adopt-a-Student event
  • Invitation to commencement ceremony when your student graduates

Giving Levels

Adopt-a-Teacher ProgramĀ 

Access to a high-quality education is crucial to the personal and long-term development of children, families and communities. Through our Adopt-a-Teacher Program, you can help us help these young gentlemen achieve their dreams of graduating high school and graduating college by sponsoring a teacher — the people who make it all possible!

Participating in the Adopt-a-Teacher Program means being financially supportive of Verbum Dei Jesuit's funding gap - at least $10,000 for one teacher. By participating, you are sponsoring a teacher who you will get to know. Your teacher can be selected based on your favorite subject or area of interest.

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Benefits of Being a Sponsor

  • One-on-one correspondence with the teacher you have sponsored
  • Approval of how the teacher’s 10% stipend will be spent
  • Invitation to end of year meet-and-greet Adopt-a-Program event
  • Satisfaction of supporting the most important job in the world

Giving Levels

Employee Adopt-a-Student Program

Get your workplace involved!

The Employee Adopt-a-Student Program allows co-workers to:

  • Pool their support and collectively sponsor the education of one or more of the Verbum Dei Jesuit students employed at their company.
  • Participating employees will will receive student updates, handwritten notes of gratitude, and invitations to special events throughout the school year.
  • Gifts of $1,000 or more annually (or a minimum of $84 per month) qualify you as a leadership level donor and to adopt your own student, separate from the student sponsored through the Employee Adopt-a-Student Program.
  • Leadership donors enjoy special recognition and benefits, including invitations to special events and personalized updates.

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The Verbum Dei Jesuit workplace giving has been a wonderful team rallying experience for our employees. It allowed everyone at Crescent Capital to support our interns in a very personal and tangible way. Many voiced a clear satisfaction of being a part of the solution in education in America and seeing real results. We're looking forward to next year.

Joe Viola, Chief Operating Officer, Crescent Capital Group