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We agree that winning games is great, but we also believe that off the field is where we want our athletes to prosper. One of the program's goals is to shape players to have positive sportsmanship and to be great citizens of the world. Head Coach, Oscar Rosa, believes that any success comes from hard work, dedication and belief in oneself.

Soccer boasts a high participation rate and both a summer and winter schedule.

The Eagles will compete in the Camino Real League as a result of winning the Santa Fe League in the 2019-20 season. This was a historical achievment as it brought the Eagles their first League Championship in school history. The Eagles will continue to be in the 6th Division of the CIF playoffs. 

Soccer Head Coach Oscar Rosa


Oscar Rosa
Head Coach, Varsity Soccer
Phone: (323) 564-6651
Assistant Coaches:
Jose Enriquez '14
Luis Gutierrez '20
James Millikan, S.J.
Eduardo Pablin '16