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President's Message

Get up and go into the city and there you will be told everything that God has determined for you to do.

Acts 22:10

This passage encapsulates the essence of Verbum Dei Jesuit High School. Our students rise early each day to engage in rigorous study, venture into the city to immerse themselves in professional environments, and through their hard work and perseverance, they uncover the divine purpose that awaits them.

At Verbum Dei Jesuit, our primary objective is to stand as the premier college and career preparatory institution in Los Angeles. To achieve this, we continuously challenge both our students and ourselves to strive for excellence. We offer a myriad of opportunities for intellectual growth, skill development, and character formation, empowering each student to realize their fullest potential.

Setting such an ambitious goal may seem audacious to some, but we firmly believe in the boundless potential of our students. We uphold the belief that talent is evenly distributed, yet opportunity is not. Verbum Dei Jesuit's mission is to change that, to unlock the untapped potential that resides within every individual. To achieve this transformative change, we embrace unconventional thinking and defy conventional norms. In essence, we are confident that our students possess the capacity to change the world — and they will!

Get up and go, and there you will be told everything that God has determined for you to do.

Get up and go. Find your Why. Embark on this journey with Verbum Dei Jesuit as we endeavor to provide each student with life-changing opportunities to make a meaningful impact within our community and beyond.



Inauguration Address

September 9, 2022

In his inaugural address, President Fr. Travis Russell, S.J., shared his story informed his vision for Verbum Dei Jesuit High School.