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President's Message

Get up and go into the city and there you will be told everything that God has determined for you to do.

Acts 22:10This is exactly what Verbum Dei Jesuit High School is about. Our students get up early each day to study, they go into the city to work in professional environments, and through their own hard work, they discover the dream God has in store for them.

At Verbum Dei Jesuit, our singular objective is to be the best college preparatory school in Los Angeles. To accomplish this, we stretch our students and ourselves to continually strive for excellence. We provide each student with opportunities to expand their minds and develop their character and equip them with the knowledge, skills, depth, and confidence needed to achieve their full potential.

This is an ambitious goal (some might say delusional!). But we don’t think so. We believe our students have unlimited potential. We believe talent is evenly distributed but opportunity is not. Verbum Dei Jesuit High School is on a mission to change that, to provide opportunity and thus set free the frustrated potential that endures. To affect this transformational change, we must have a healthy disregard for conventional thinking. In short, we believe our students will transform the world. And they will!

Get up and go, and there you will be told everything that God has determined for you to do.

Join Verbum Dei Jesuit on our journey of excellence as we seek to provide each student with life-changing opportunities to become impactful in our community and beyond.


Inauguration Address

September 9, 2022

In his inaugural address, President Fr. Travis Russell, S.J., shared his story informed his vision for Verbum Dei Jesuit High School.