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Thank you for journeying with John

Dear Fellow Pilgrims,

I want to thank you for making the journey with Mr. John Stradley and the Verbum Dei Jesuit community. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

I especially want to thank John himself. Wow, what a writer! – to say nothing of his photography skills. John said it best, “It [was] kinda like seeing places from a book you’ve always known but have never seen.” Indeed. If I ever make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, it will feel familiar. Thank you, John. You burnt the candle at both ends to make the deadlines. We, especially the students, are blessed to have you.

I also want to thank Ms. Ann Chen, my executive assistant. She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this happen. Blogs and pictures do not post themselves, especially when there is a 10-hour time difference! It was a technological challenge for sure, but Ann made it look easy, even though it wasn’t – the mark of a master.

Finally, I want to thank America Magazine. They underwrote the whole trip. A school like ours would have never been able to afford an opportunity like this. Their generosity has brought us closer to God. Thank you!

“Jesus chose this place.” John’s simple but profound insight spoke to me. The historical Jesus chose the Holy Land to make his home, but I am convinced that today the living Christ chooses Verbum Dei Jesuit High School. What we do here is not a miracle. It’s the Gospel. Please, help us spread the Good News or come experience it for yourself.

If you would like to learn more about Verbum Dei Jesuit High School, please let us know. Also, this is the first time we have done anything like this. We would love your feedback. It helps us improve and sets the standard of excellence we strive for every day. Of course, we always appreciate your support.

Walking with you this Lenten season,